Customer satisfaction survey report
尊敬的客户(Daer customer):
        Hello!Thank you very much for choosing SHANG HAI YONGGUAN ADHESIVE PRODUCTS CORP., LTD. products!In order to better meet your needs, look forward to your taking time out of your busy schedule to give an objective assessment of our products quality, delivery, service, and put forward valuable opinions and Suggestions, your comments and Suggestions is the power of our endeavor, we will be adhering to the "honest with each other, think of this letter, as the standard, first-class" service concept, listen to and improve in time, provide you with better service.
1.您购买的是我司什么类型的产品(What kind of products are you buying);
2.您觉得我司产品性能如何(What do you think of the performance of our products)?

3.您觉得我司产品外观质量如何(What do you think of the appearance quality of our products)?

4.您觉得我司产品包装防护状况及标识如何(What do you think of the packaging protection status and logo of our products)?

5.您觉得我司产品质量的稳定性如何(What do you think of the quality stability of our products)?

6.您觉得我司产品交货周期如何(What do you think of the lead time of our products)?

7.您觉得我司产品交货的及时性如何(What do you think of the timeliness of our products' delivery)?

8. 您觉得我司客诉处理及时性如何(What do you think of the timeliness of our customer complaint handling)?

9. 您觉得我司产品性价比如何(What do you think of the cost performance of our products)?

10. 您对我司的服务态度是否满意(Are you satisfied with our service attitude)?

11.您对我司的沟通是否满意(Are you satisfied with our communication)?

12.您有什么其他建议或期望,请详细说明。(Do you have any other Suggestions or expectations, please elaborate)
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